Fall Is Coming.

Image by Pixabay, Pexels

Stop the presses. Bring on the pumpkin spice. Pull out those cable knit sweaters and your dark lipstick. Labor day is officially over which means Fall is around the corner and do you know what that means?

Nothing. Well, at least for us in California.

California is known for its temperate weather, mild winters and summers. It doesn’t rain much, and it’s weird to see clouds in the sky past 10am. The only time it really gets cold is in the mornings, the same time you’re picking your outfit for the day so it tricks you into thinking it’s going to be 50 degrees, but in reality after the marine layer burns off  you wore dark wash jeans in 80 degree weather and you’re paying for it with sweat.

So you end up looking longingly at those actresses in Pretty Little Liars, wearing their cute fall clothing and sipping PSLs (Pumpkin Spice Lattes for those who don’t speak Starbucks) while your sitting on your couch with the A/C blasting mid October in your underwear. It isn’t fair.

So I present you with a few common tips on how the common Californians dress in the fall when it’s still hot outside.

  • Ignore the heat, fall fashion is worth sweating for.

This is a very common tactic, especially amongst the stylish. Living in denial of hot fall weather does come with its benefits, like rocking those Fall trends fresh out of Forever 21 when they are still actually trendy. Cons? It’s hot. Really hot. Be ready to be trendy and sweaty.

  • Dress the exact same that you have all summer.

This is more common tactic for young men then it is for everyone else. I think it’s mostly because they are to lazy to dress any different. T-shirt and basketball shorts don’t look appropriate the day before Thanksgiving but hey, at least they aren’t sweaty.

  • Layers

This is the solution that mothers and fashion bloggers always give the the California cold morning – hot day dilemma. This, I think, is the worst way to go about it. Not only is it hard on the wallet, having to buy multiple things to make one look, but it’s also hard on the back. Carrying around all those layers when it’s hot outside in your bag or in your arms is the worst. Don’t do this unless you want to suffer.

  • Half and Half.

Sweater on top, flip flops on the bottom. This I believe is the most popular approach to the California fall. Matching be damned, here in the golden state we have different ideas of what match and what doesn’t. Beanie, sweatshirt, denim shorts and Birkenstocks. Fall on top, summer on the bottom. Looks weird sometimes but hey, it’s the best we can do here when it’s 50 degrees in the morning and 90 in the afternoon.

These are the most common techniques, each comes with it’s own pros and cons. Normally, a Californian will rotate their approaches every so often. A mixture of these strategies will keep your mind off how unfair it is that there are people out there who don’t have to deal with this. To them, it’s easy to dress for fall. For us? It requires techniques.

Need some fall fashion ideas? http://www.instyle.com/fashion/fall-fashion-items-to-complete-wardrobe


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