The Death Of Magazines And Why It’s A Good Thing

Image from Pixabay, Pexels

When was the last time you flipped through a magazine? A month ago in the check out lane at the grocery store? Yeah, that seems about right.

VogueHarper’s Bazaar and Elle… all of these fashion magazines were a major staples before the internet took over. The style hand book of teenagers and to the common housewife. And if the Devil Wears Prada taught me anything, these huge power houses decided what was in and what was out by the flick of a editor’s hand, dictating what fashion style would dominate the generation. Only an elite few would be chosen to be featured  in the magazine and pray you never pissed of a fashion editor. Breaking into mainstream fashion had never been so hard.

A part of me thinks that it’s a good thing these magazines stopped being so popular.

First of all, talk about a waste of trees, who wants to carry around a 5 pound magazine? Seriously. Have you picked up one of those things?

Second, with the internet, people have such a wide verity of style influencers to follow. Don’t like mainstream fashion? No worries my friend, you can follow some of the most niche fashion designers on Instagram! There used to be niche fashion magazines too (Gothic Beauty anyone? The leader of the on trend goth beauty secrets), but not on the scale that the internet can provide. Anyone who knows anything about goth fashion knows that they’re are a ton of different goth sub groups, (Victorian goth, rocker goth, cyber goth, just to name a few) there was no way that Goth Beauty could cover all Goths.

Third, it’s easier for designers to put their stuff out there. And models, and photographers, all of these people don’t have to rely on magazines to break into the industry, a popular Instagram is worth it’s follower’s weight in gold. Especially now that people think Vogue is a term for a STD rather then the name of a magazine.

Picking up a magazine can me nostalgic though, flipping through an old Seventeen Magazine will never get tiring. Collaging a make shift dream board out of torn out magazine bits can capture the essence of childhood.

But things are changing, the way we consume fashion and trends. We aren’t stuck to the mainstream, and I think that fashion is better for it.

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