3 Items You Need This Fall

Image from Pixabay, andrs-off

Every season, there are it items that any stylish person will have some version of. If you pick the right trends, they have a tendency to stay trendy for at least a few seasons afterwards. And it’s not too difficult to incorporate them the next seasons if you are a bit inventive.

1. Bomber Jacket

This is the hit of the season, you can see them left and right on celebrities, Instagram models and even people in your local Starbucks.

To be able to translate it into the next season,  pick a black, gray or green jacket in a solid color. However, if you’re more daring, there are embroidered bomber jackets that are amazing, pick one that you can dress up or down easily and has fewer than 3 colors, anything more then that makes it too busy and harder to wear in all occasions. Which you are going to want to do because they are so cool.

2. Mom Jeans

Good bye skinny jeans, mom jeans are here and I think they’re here to stay. As a society, we are craving looser, more comfy pants. And I think mom jeans are the perfect pants for anyone to wear, the loose leg and high waist doesn’t cling or show muffintop.

Ultra destroyed mom jeans gives you a hip and trendy look, or add some patches onto it and make them look artsy. Or pick a mom jean that’s a little bit more fitted in the leg and a dark wash, and you have yourself your new everyday jean.

And the best part is that when you bend over you don’t have to worry about showing your plumber’s butt to everyone.

Die low rise skinny jeans, die!

3. Chokers

Could chokers be even more in right now? They gained popularity in 2015 and haven’t gone away, if anything the trend is getting stronger.

Thick chokers are in right now, and if you don’t already have one, I’d pick up a large black block choker and get ready to rock it all season.

The key to a trendy fall wardrobe are in these 3 pieces, mix and match them with the rest of your wardrobe and your Instagram pictures will never have been more on fleek. And if you’re willing to search, you can easily pick up all 3 of these items for under 100 dollars.

Happy Fall!

Need more inspiration? https://www.pinterest.com/explore/fall-must-haves/


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