Are Leggings Pants?

Image from Pixabay, Unsplash

This has been the argument since leggings have grown in popularity in the early 2010s. I remember saying ‘ leggings aren’t pants’ at the sight of my peers walking around in semi sheer leggings Sophomore year of high school.

If anyone asked me, I’d say leggings were meant to be worn under skirts or dresses, not for casual wear. But  year later, I had changed my toon when capri yoga pants became widespread. To a point, I made myself alternate leggings and jeans every other day because I loved them so much. And can you blame me? Leggings are the best, they are super comfortable and the range of motion a person had in them was so freeing after being stuck in skinny jeans for years.

Leggings have become accepted into a part of society and it’s perfectly acceptable for a person to wear leggings and a t-shirt and not be looked at twice on the street. However, those who wear leggings know the eternal struggle with our beloved pants.

Sometimes, they’re see through. Which can bring up the legitimacy of leggings as pants.

So I’ve devised a few guidelines that will determine if leggings are in fact pants.

1. Are they sheer?

At any point can you see the skin/ underwear that you are attempting to cover with said leggings? If so, then they probably shouldn’t be worn as pants. However, this can be quite unfair because for one person, the same pair of leggings won’t be see through and to another they are. A safe option is to get a size up, which will help with how sheer they are as well as be even more comfortable.

2. Are they thin enough to show the texture of your skin underneath?

Some people just have perfect legs and don’t have to worry about little cellulite ripples in their skin. However, they are the 1%. For the rest of us, we got a little junk in the trunk and, dang it leggings, is often exposed while wearing leggings.

3. Are they to tight?

Are your leggings to tight? Is there a little muffin top at the top of your band or perhaps they’re really clutching onto your legs? Besides being a bit of a safety hazard they make leggings uncomfortable, which defeats the point of leggings in the first place. Never be ashamed of getting the next size up. It’s just a number.

If your leggings pass all these questions, then you go girl or guy! You rock the hell out of those leggings.

And even if they don’t pass a single questions, who cares? Wear leggings if you want and don’t let anyone try to body shame you into hiding your legs. It’s your life, wear what you want.

(Pro tip: If you bend over and your butt crack is showing through your leggings, maybe opt for some boy shorts instead of the thong next time. I know it makes panty lines but I’m not sure if you can be arrested for indecent exposure for having sheer leggings, so I’d play it safe.)

Need more proof?


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