How To Dress Up A White Tshirt

Image from Pixabay, motivationforgood

So you’re wearing a white t-shirt and jeans/leggings and it just looks…boring. I’m here to tell you that having this problem is actually a gift, and here are just a few ways you can jazz up your plain white tee.

Denim Jacket

I love denim jackets, destroyed, with patches or pins, they are just sort of the most effortless cool that people can achieve. Roll up the sleeves a bit and put a little bit of dry shampoo in your hair to get a bit of a tousled look.

Statement Necklace

What is nice about you outfit is that it’s pretty much a blank slate for anything you put on it. A bold necklace you normally don’t feel brave enough to wear, whip that out and slap that puppy on because it’s now or never.


Okay, so you’re not brave enough to wear that awesome statement necklace, so swap it out for a scarf instead. Pick one that has bright colors or a fun pattern, or even knot the bottom of the scarf to give it a cool trendy look.

Do up your makeup

Have a bright lipstick that you’ve been waiting to try out? Now is your chance! Statement makeup can be a bit daunting, but with your basic outfit, it won’t overpower you.

Wear your cutest shoes

If your outfit is kinda bla, it brings attention to your shoes. Now it the time to show off those new booties you bought for half price.

These are just a few ways to make your white tee more interesting. This is actually a great opportunity to wear something more outgoing than you normally do. Embrace it and rock whatever statement piece you decide on today.

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