How To Get Pet Hair Off Your Clothes

Image from Pixabay, Kaz

No matter how cute your outfit is, pet hair really ruins it. No matter what you do, you look like you’ve been ambushed by a pack of dogs and your super cute black pants now look more like a furry jungle. You can’t kick your love bug out of your life, (or get them to do your laundry, even though they would look so cute doing it) the next best option are a few techniques I’ve acquired after 20 years of living with pets.

Lint rollers are your best friend.

I keep one in my room, one in my car and one at my desk. These are truly lifesavers, the lint roller in my car probably sees the most action out of all my rollers. However, if I’m in a rush and can’t lint roll my leggings before I have to run to catch my train, the lint roller at my desk really comes in handy.

Okay, so you don’t have a lint roller. So now what?

Well, whenever I’m in a pinch, there are also a few things that gets me through the pet hair forest.

If you can find tape, grab a large strip and go over your body with the sticky side. You might need quite a bit of tape depending on how much hair is on your body.

Okay, so there isn’t any tape around, alternative? Sticky notes.

Using the sticky strip on the back, I go over the worst parts of my outfit. I don’t like this technique because it’s particularly wasteful, but when you’re in pinch it works.

So no sticky notes? Manual removal.

I’m sorry to say this, but I’ve run out of options. You’re going to have to manually remove most of the hair.

Can’t deal with having to remove it hair by hair? It’s time to accept it.

Be a proud pet owner and wear your pet’s hair with pride. Think of it as a protective covering against the elements, like it was a gift from your pet. And if you have a run in with a dog on the street? You can pet it unabashedly, because you’re already covered in dog hair, so what’s a few more hairs?

Need more ideas on how to get rid of pet hair?


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