Is Fashion Predictable?

Image from Pixabay, Pexels

Recently, some retro fashions have become popular again. Mom jeans from the 80s, chokers from the 90s, even clunky go-go style boots from the 60s. And there seems to be even more trends making a come back every season.

Does that mean we are doomed to repeat every trend eventually? Are low-rise skinny jeans going to come back into rotation in 40 years? (God I hope not)

But what does that mean for fashion? Can people predict what trends are going to come back? Is it only a matter of time and math that will tell us when we should start breaking out the baby doll dresses and top hats?

It makes me think, have all new fashion trends already been created and we are now living in a 60 year rotation of nostalgia? Are there going to be no more new fashion trends? Or are they going to be stunted since bringing back old fashion is basically like making a new fashion trend.

But one thing is certain, in Spring we wear floral.


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