Why Women’s Clothes In Video Games Matter

Image from Pixabay, Jensjungle

Recently, I’ve gotten really into Overwatch. I think it’s an awesome game, I enjoy playing it and watching others play it on Youtube. I think it’s the characters that really make it attractive to me, and the diverse cast of women heroes that I can choose from, from a bodybuilding Russian to a sexy French sniper. There is a bit of variety in their body shape and ethnicities, however there is still a heavy sexy presence to most of their female characters.

However 5/9 female characters wear some version of a skin-tight, revealing outfit. Whether it be a flash of cleavage, to a part of upper thigh. This is conservative in the video game field.

Mortal Kombat is a more classic approach to female characters in games. Sexy to a point of dysfunction, dressed very skimpily and with unrealistic body proportions.

I think the way that women are dressed in video games alienates potential female players. Video games are a very male dominated hobby, and when women try to break into these games, they’re met with resistance. Not only blatant sexism, but also constantly being reminded that they’re being seen as what is on the screen, sex objects.

I think as long as women see these sex object characters, they’re never going to feel as welcome as the male players, who have characters that are seen as warriors and people, rather than a pair of tits jumping around the screen.

Need proof? http://cheezburger.com/617989/video-games-female-body-armor


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