3 Things You Need This Winter

Image by Pixabay, Pexels

Winter sucks.

As a Californian, I used to think I enjoyed Winter, that it was my, uck, favorite season. The relief from the heat was welcomed and we enjoy mild winters, so when it gets cold it’s not too bad.

But I was wrong.

Winter sucks. A lot.

I hate layering my clothing, how early it gets dark and how it always looks so gloomy.

Though, cute clothes are a pro. Here is a list of 3 things you need this winter.


Okay, here in California we are in a drought. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t rain, it just means it doesn’t rain enough. So every two weeks when it rains, every single time I wish I owned rainboots as my soak sneakers in a puddle.

A heavy coat

I thought I owned a lot of sweaters. It sure felt that way in the Summer as I looked over my closet. But I owned a bunch of sweaters. When it gets cold, like really cold, my wardrobe may as well be made up of tissue paper. Get a heavy coat and thank me later.

A beanie with a pom pom on top.

No real reason for this one. I just think the ones with pom poms are super cute.

This list should be enough to get you through the hell scape of a California Winter.After 20 years I still haven’t mastered Winter. Come back to me in Summer and I’ll give you a better list for dealing with the heat.



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