Dressing For Your Body Type

Image from Pixabay, langll

Pear, apple, hourglass…these are all terms you’ve most likely heard before in regards to the shape of your body.

And when you figure out what label your body fits into, there also comes rules. These rules tell you what and what not to wear, what looks good on you and what doesn’t. If you are to follow these rules, then you will pick the clothes that are most flattering on you.

Well. Frankly. These body types are bullshit.

Not only does most body types not fit into these neat ‘body types’, but only able to dress a certain way is bull shit. Dress the way you’re comfortable and the way you think looks most flattering. I have a rectangle shape body but I don’t dress like I do. Because I dress how I want to, and how I think is flattering for my own body.

Don’t take these body shape rules to heart, and don’t let them create rules for you that you feel like you must follow.

Live free and dress hard, my friends!



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