Minimalism In Fashion and What It Means For Your Closet.

Image from Pixabay, Unsplash

If you live on the internet like myself, you have seen articles, videos and other types of media about minimalism popping up since the beginning of 2016.

I theorize that it’s popularity is rooted from the tiny house reality show from HGTV, but I digress. It’s here, and everyday it seems to be gaining speed.

Why is it so popular, you may ask. Well, let me break it down for you.

Minimalism is a way of life, it’s the belief that the less stuff you have the free-er you are. Free from all the material stuff weighing you down, the stress of being in an endless cycle of trying to get more stuff and free from the stress that having all this stuff gives you.

Think of a cluttered kitchen counter, bills, paper and other random shit just sitting there, and then think of a clear kitchen counter, shiny and full of potential. Which one appeals to you more?

You might just be a minimalist in the waiting.

But Eva, I like having my stuff!

I know, but minimalism is about having less stuff and feeling happy as the result of it.

Minimalism stresses that thought and time must go into everything you decide to buy and own, whether that be plates, blankets, cars or even…clothes. Because when they decide to buy something, they’ve already thought about it’s purpose and what exactly they’re going to do with it. Impulse buying things because they are pretty or have a good price doesn’t appeal to a minimalist.

Less is more to the Minimalist, and if the materialistic and capitalist ways of our society not always appeal to you and feel like you’re being weighed down by it, I encourage you to watch a few of those Youtube videos you always see.

But what does this mean for your closet?

Well, since you’ve already read my article about cleaning out your closet, and how to buy clothes, you already practice some sort of minimalist approach.

But some minimalists take it a bit farther, and it’s called a capsule wardrobe.

The idea behind capsule wardrobes is that it is a small amount of clothes that all a able to mix and match effortlessly. Perhaps it’s made up of 15 shirts, 9 pants and 5 pairs of shoes. Then that’s it.

Every item in the wardrobe has a purpose and picked very carefully in an effort to have the highest payoff.

Want to learn more about capsule wardrobes? Read my article on it.


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