The Power Of Jewelry

Image from Pixabay, estall

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No…It’s a statement necklace!

Jewelry really does have superpowers, believe it or not. The power to take drab to fab, or at least make your outfit look a bit more put together.

Humans have worn jewelry for millennia, and it’s easy to see why. Shiny, valuable things appeal to our materialistic side, but jewelry is also beautiful. Gold, silver and even gems are used to create accessories. Once only available to the elites, now the common folk can buy cheap copies from Forever 21.

With the wide availability of jewelry now, and the various styles, there shouldn’t be any excuse for everyone to wear a cute pair of earnings, or a fashionable necklace.

Though, this can be daunting for some people. They’ll wear a pair of studs or perhaps a ring, but other then that, large statement pieces remain a confusing and scary.

Well have no fear, Eva is here!

Statement necklaces are best to wear with a basic shirt/dress. They can be overwhelming when used with a heavily patterned shirt or skirt combo. The necklace is the statement, so your other clothes should complement the piece.

Earrings are great, they have so many different styles and types. The basic studs are good for everyday wear, but statement earrings can be a bit tricky. Dangling earrings should be worn with hair away from the face, either half up or all up, to prevent hair getting caught. Plus people can see your earrings better! Depending on how complex or how many colors your earrings have, it’s best to pick a basic top but feel free to wear a simple pattern as well. Earrings are away from the body so it’s easier to get away with having more than one loud piece.

Rings are great for those people who don’t lose things. They really make an outfit if used right, as well as set the tone for your outfit. Rings don’t have strict rules, the best way to see if a ring goes with your outfit is to stand in front of a mirror and see what it would look like on.

Jewelry can take your outfit from cute to awesome. Plus, who doesn’t like shiny stuff?


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