What Your Clothes Say About You

Image from Pixabay, Unsplash

The term ‘dress to impress’ and ‘dress for the job you want’ we’re onto something. If you don’t already know, the there is a power of the way you present yourself to others. I mean, people are going to automatically not want to be around you if your clothes stink, or you have a long overgrown haircut.

The same can be said with clothes, personally I’m not attracted to a person who wears the same thing every single day. Not like they always wear a T-shirt and jeans, but they always wear the same sweatshirt every single day. And it looks that way, old, faded and worn until it falls apart. Let it rest!

I like someone that puts time into their clothes choices and looks clean and well kept. For other people, clothes that are too tight or too lose don’t appeal to them. Untucked shirts or stains on pants. You get what I’m saying.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover is a good idea, however, it’s not in a human’s nature. We judge people all the time, threat or non threat, potential mate or friend. Your clothes and appearance are the first thing people know about you, and it says a lot!

Personally, I’m drawn to people who put effort and time in their appearance. I’m unimpressed by those who are like ‘oh, I put on the first thing in my closet and I haven’t brushed my hair! You’d pass out if I told you the last time I washed these jeans! Lol, but it’s fine, they smell fine. Why are you making that face? Wait, come back!’

The way you dress is the way you conduct yourself and show others that you are worthy of respect. You don’t have to be thin, pretty or even smart to have a good impression on others. Being a pleasant person and dressing nice will get you just as far in life as a smart person who dresses like shit.

Immagine, a smart person who dresses nice! What a powerhouse.



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