Why Are Some Runway Clothes So Ugly?

Image from Pixabay, burnet

Oh fashion.

How I love you so, but just like a classic episode of Sesame Street, geez you sure can be weird sometimes.

Runway fashion, more specifically, is what I’m talking about today.

So we have all seen pictures of runway shows at least once in our lives. And more often then not, what the models are wearing is something you’d never wear in your entire life. See-through shirts, crazy colors and invisible eyebrows (in the middle of our society’s thick brow revolution? Insane!)

But why do designers do this?

Being ahead of the trend.

I think designers are always trying to start the next trend, glitter eyebrows to ultra shiny lipgloss. They just keep trying something new until it sparks and starts an inferno of a trend. Those thick eyebrows was once a runway trend, though turned down a few notches, was started on the runway.

Okay, but lets talk about the clothes.

Some are really out there. Like they’re fashions of the far, far, far future.

This seems dumb and a waste of time and space to feature on runways in New York and Paris. Who would want to buy this?

It’s not so much about buying to these designers as perhaps reputations for being fashion forward. If you watch a Gucci fashion show, it’s full of transparent breast panels and clothes that scream ‘early american revolution meets the 70’s’.

Gucci is a well established brand, and can go nuts with it’s designers because they have nothing to lose.

So perhaps fashion shows are full of crazy clothes because they can be.




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