Why You Shouldn’t Have Fashion Rules

Image from Pixabay, Pexels

I hate turtlenecks. I would never wear them. I wouldn’t even try one on.

That was a rule that I strictly followed until this fall. Mock neck shirts and sweaters have been all the rage this year. And me, trying to stay trendy, just had to try it out. It wasn’t really a turtleneck, it said mock neck on the website! Psh. Whatever.

For all of you who don’t know, a mock neck is basically a turtleneck that doesn’t fold over.

I put that on shirt on, and…I fell in love. I loved it. I put it on and I immediately put it on and wanted to order more.

My fashion rules kept me back from something I enjoyed to wear for years. Stupid rules people place on themselves, like ‘I can’t wear horizontal stripes’ or ‘I don’t wear anything with heals’ they’re holding you back.

Some women are forced to wear things, however, I am lucky I have a choice in what I get to wear. So why do we create these rules for ourselves? We are repressing our own freedom and are choosing to stay close-minded in the terms of clothes.

Sure, there are your own personal rules that you follow because those clothes don’t look good on you, like I can’t pull off an empire hemline to save my life, but I’ve tried it and already know it isn’t the most flattering thing on me. But this isn’t a rule, but a preference.

Break some of your fashion rules, you might be happy with the result.




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