Step 2


Step 2 is harder then step 1 by far. You now have to live with your minimalist wardrobe. And keep it minimalist. No buying something and adding it in later, or sneaking some old clothes out of the donation pile. This is about you and your closet and the commitment you made to having less. If you do buy something new, you have to take something out. It’s the rules, I don’t make them up, sorry.

If choosing clothes is hard, then you did it wrong. You didn’t pick clothes that you love to wear, fit and all mix and match.

Go back to step 1 if need be, it’s okay. This is a really hard process. Hey, I told you at the start this would be hard!

Warning. There is a lot more frequent laundry loads in your future. And pieces in minimalist closets really get their fair share of use, and tend to become well worn after a while. Aim to replace those shabby items once every 3 months.

The goal of this closet isn’t to make you have less clothes and spend less money, but it is a happy side effect.

This is a strategy for people who want to be more organized and put together when it comes to their outfit. They’re tired of never having anything to wear and are frustrated that no matter how much they buy, it’s never enough.

This takes time, effort and discipline.

But in the end, it’s worth it.