Ever look at your wardrobe and think “Why do I have so many clothes in my closet and nothing to wear!?”

I sure do.

This page is here to get you to jazz up any outfit in a flash, see my other pages for more detailed recommendations and hacks for your wardrobe.

Black t-shirt and jeans looking just a bit bla? Wear a flannel!

I’m sure you have one somewhere back in the deep crevasses of your closet, let it loose! It’s fall time, and sure it can be a bit hot sometimes, and if that is the case just tie that flannel around your waist. Pull on a pair of your most comfortable sneakers and you have your Tuesday outfit that will not only make you look more put together out the door and to class, but also allows you to run to class in comfort.

Sweatshirt and leggings looking drab? Drop that sweatshirt for a sweater!

If you’re reading this, your probably a young adult/adult. It’s time to stop wearing sweatshirts, I’m sorry it had to come to you this way, but sweatshirts are reserved for sickness or pajamas. Not for a hang out with your girlfriend, or grabbing coffee with the BFF.

A cute, oversized sweater is basically the same as a sweatshirt, but it looks a lot more put together.